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The Rules



1. The rules above are tried, tested, and work great! That being said, I have tired many different iterations of the game and are all fun. If there is a way you prefer to play, feel free to make "house rules". Although, standard rules are used for tournaments.

2. At the end of each round, make sure to shuffle artifacts and items in VERY well.


Losing turn: Do not pick up, do not play cards. Can play defense cards if attacked.

Indefensible: Can't use a defense card to avoid being hit.

Unstackable: Can't be used turn after turn ( ie: client keeps losing turn from ice bolt repetitively)

Escape Full Attack: Means the attack is fully missed. Damage taken like block is from block, not the original attack. If side effect is indefensible like fireball, you can still be hit with that.

Card Clarifications:

Fireball: the main attack can be blocked, dodged, etc, but the side effect of 1 damage still applies to everyone. It is not defensible. 

Bludgeon: The attacker loses NEXT turn. It doesn't end the current turn. if the attack is mostly defended, but still lands any damage, you miss your next turn.

Heal and Revitalize: If playing group play, you can heal your teammate. 

Steal: You do not get to see the opponents hand.

Mysterious Elixir: Use after dead does not mean reshuffle everything. Once you run out of health points, discard the Elixir and regain 2 points. If you were heavily damaged, disregard any overkill. This does not end your opponents turn though. If they still have attack cards, they can still attack. 

Riposte: is considered a defense card, not an attack. 


Mad Drifter: Special skill: Discard one card at your choosing and pull a new one from the deck.

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